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EPS System Design

If you're looking to set up a new EPS system, we can help you plan out every step of the project so you can make sure that your new system will meet your needs for years to come



Using both vender software and our own in-house tools we can help you monitor all of your power and backup systems in real-time and remotely. Using information directly from your generators' ECU so we can tell exactly when a fault occurs and help you have a tech on site who is guaranteed to have the right part and tools on the first try

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Regardless of the scale of your project, we can help you determine what your power backup needs will be, as well as advise you on any upgrades you might want to make to your existing systems 


Generator Docking Stations are designed to safely connect and disconnect a portable generator to a building, lift station, or portable piece of equipment. During a power outage, a generator docking station allows you to quickly return power without an electrician, which helps protect your building from the risks and costs of power loss.

Docking Stations


Concert Venue Power Backups

If you want to ensure that the show can always go on regardless of  any power failures of your venue, reach out to us and we can either help you with a solution, both short term, and long term


Rental Generators

If your backup power needs are temporary, reach out to us and we can find a generator solution that will work for you and rent it out at an affordable rate.


Datacenter Power Backups

Nothing is more important to a Datacenter than its power delivery and backup systems. Make sure that your current of future systems can maintain 100% uptime by letting us design your next system.


Backup Generators

A backup generator is a crucial part of any high profile business' power system. We can help you pick and install a generator that meets your needs or maintain and monitor your existing solutions. 


Solar Sales/Installs

We have experience with a wide variety of commercial level solar panels and power storage solutions. Regardless of whether you need help monitoring and maintaining an existing system or help installing a new one, we can help

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Switch Gear

SWITCHGEAR is the combination of electrical disconnect switches, fuses, or circuit breakers used to control, protect, and isolate electrical equipment. We can help with the install, repair, maintenance, and monitoring of a variety of different switchgear so regardless of your set up we can help.


Retrofit Kits

If you want to get more out of your existing system, want to gain additional visibility on the health and functionality of your existing systems, or just want to upgrade an outdated system we can help. We can provide you with everything from controllers to monitoring hardware to help improve the functionality and reliability of any generator system 

Cargo Ship at the Port

Marine Applications

We also work on power solutions for marine applications. If your power backup solution is on the water, don't hesitate to reach out to us and we will find a solution for you.

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